Thursday, May 10

Thursday Blogger Swaps

I think these are the last two swap cards from my Blogger Swap, besides my own. You don't really want to see mine, do ya?
Alright, fine, I'll post it next week...maybe.

The first card is awesome because of the super cool overlapping. I am a total sucker for cards of unusual size or unique folding. Could just be a used bandaid on a piece of cardstock, but if it's 6x8 and opens diagnolly, I love it.
This card was made by Tracy Harp. Her blog is Inky Doodles. She has lots, did I say lots, I mean LOTS of amazing samples on her blog and it is really worth a looksee.
See how this bad boy opens, cool isn't it!
Dang doodle, I meant to measure this card and post dimensions.
I'll edit this post later, if you wanna make one yourself.

The second card was created by Debbie Seyer. Her blog is A Peek into My Stamping Room and it is wonderful.
I have a special place in my heart for Debbie because she sent me my very first RAK card, so in my eyes she is a god.

Hope everyone enjoys the last of the swaps and check out those blogs, they are awesome!

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Crafty Connie said...

Super great cards!
Would love to have the dimensions for the first card.