Wednesday, April 4

My Latest Pest of an Idea

Had this idea for this card for weeks, maybe a month. Anyone else do that? Have a great idea in your head just waiting to be created and then depending on how long it takes you to actually try and make it, it can start to really bug ya? Or that sketch in your head that you remember clear as day but forget your grocery list?
Maybe that's just me.
Well, here it is, a Vellum Tag Window Card. I have had these tags in my collection for well over a year, don't know what I was saving them for, but I finally found a cool new way to use them.
I stamped my Tag with a Burst into Bloom flower stamp using White Stazon on. Left it alone for a while as I constructed the rest of the card. Usually my impatience smears a great Stazon image but I managed to keep myself busy trying to make a suitable base.
The card is 4.25 x 11, I scored it at 1" and 5.5". I used my Paisley background to stamp the Cool Carribean in the center, kinda hard to see in the photo but it is there and makes a HUGE difference in the design of the card. The corners of the Carribean were punched with the Tag corner, it makes it look like it is tucked into the white without all that work. The white grosgrain ribbon was embellished with my Turquoise marker and a ruler. Love that!
Used my circle punch to make the window in the card.
The inside of the card is where the "magic" happens. Inside is a 4 x 5.25 piece of Cameo Coral. The inside coral should be a bright one so that it can shine through the vellum tag.
I used a photo anchor from the Hodge Podge Hardware (another supply I hoard) to keep the card shut.
In the picture it is hard to see how well the color shines through the vellum, but it really does and there is also a little Hello stamped in the lower right corner on the front of the card with White Craft that is clearly visible in person, but not in this photo.
The inside piece of Coral was also splattered with ink from a reinker to make it just a little more interesting and not as "flat". You can't really see it in the photo but it's there. My trusty 'ol toothbrush helped me with that one and my bathroom sink was covered in Cameo Coral.

I am enjoying my alone time but realized how if I don't have someone to yell at about taking out the garbage, I can't remember it is garbage day! Duh.
I have made a ton of cards and projects, just working away watching what I want on TV or playing my own music and making a huge mess. You gotta make a mess to be creative, right?


Mimi said...

What a lovely card! I just need to read your blog over and over again for these great ideas.

Crafty Connie said...

Another wonderfully great card!
You have such a great creative talent!

Greta Adams said...

that is an awesome card...i just might have to try that nifty little idea and now i know why i NEED the tag punch...damn you for getting me into


blah said...

Wow, I love that!!! This is so cool and I'm going to have to CASE this layout and idea!!!!

gloria said...

soooo cute!!

and if i don't write down everything i forget it ten seconds later!! i think i'm like that dory character in finding nemo...

SuburbanMom said...

Oh yes, I do that all the time...sometimes great ideas stay in my head for years... :)