Monday, April 2

Happy Monday!

Now that I am back among the living, I am crazily trying to get all caught up. Amazing how life can spiral out of control when you check out for a few days.
First, I wanted to send out a huge Thank You to Melissa LaFavers for this great RAK card she sent me. I got it at the height of my illness and didn't even open the envelope for 2 days and then I just realized yesterday that there was a note on the back....Duh!!
I love how the card slides out and the peek-a-boo windows, just a perfect design. Melissa is Hazy over on SCS, but I see she has no gallery...Huh? She should because I bet she has many more of these fabulous ideas.

Being sick couldn't have come at a worse time in my grand scheme of life. I had been working on a big contest entry when the plague wiped me out and because I had procrastinated so much, as usual, I couldn't finish the last few things.
A little.
But I never get sick, so maybe it was a sign.
I took it as a sign.
So this page never had a chance to win. Everything is from the Friends and Flowers Scrappin kit. The flowers stamped on the edge with White Craft ink and embossed with White EP are from Seeing Spots. And the words in the journaling that are stamped as from Amazing to Zany. The small letters, spelling out Sisters, on the big flower diecut sticker are from the Alphabits stamp set and punched with the 1/4 in. circle punch.
The scalloped trim around the picture was made with the slit punch and the edges of the patterned paper were punched with the Tag corner punch.
More of my "almost a contest entry" projects coming soon.

Big News over at Stampin' Up!! Especially these new stamps that make my heart jump. Love them.

Had a great weekend recuperating. Saw Blades of Glory...Hysterical!, love the Will Farrell. Went out for Irish grub for my little sister, Stephanie's 25th birthday. Can't believe she is that old already, makes me feel older. Ate at Hot Doug's again for the second weekend in a row to help out my brother with his film project. We missed some key elements the prior week, so we had to go back to get a few photos and ate an Elk sausage. Doug's is known for their dogs, crazy sausages and amazing duck fat fries. It was delicious, but I have had my fill of hot dogs for a while.

I am living the single girl's life this week. Max is on Spring break and spending the time bonding with his dad. Plus, my boss is out of town til April 12th, so I am truly on a vacation. All this time to myself! Think I needed it bad. I was in dire need of a break from some of life's everyday stress. I am looking forward to the little things, like not making dinner or making what I want for dinner. Or scrapbooking all day with no one needing any attention. No homework. No whining or complaining. And no typing reports all day at work. And a clean house that stays clean for more than a couple hours.
Ahhh....this is the life.
I am sure that as usual, after about 3 days I will be bored due to lack of stress and responsibility, but for now, I am in heaven and can't wait to get a list of things done and get a little ME time. I deserve it and it is long overdue.
Happy Monday!!


Mimi said...

Enjoy the single life. Great layout! I LOVE it. I drooled over the Spring mini this weekend, expect an order from me at the end of April.

Greta Adams said...

i too am drooling over that set....

that Layout is the bomb and i wish i had some ME time....I am fixing to put my foot down around the casa though...ya know i am still on strike and it's starting to sink in it!!!

gloria said...

awesome page!!

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

It stinks that you got sick when you did, but at least you feel better now and can have your alone time this week!

Crafty Connie said...

Glad to hear that you had some "me" time.

The layout is terrific and the pic of you and your sisters is a very nice one.

I need time to start crafting.