Friday, April 27

Diet Coke Plus

Have you seen or tried this new Diet Coke?
I have.
I was drawn to the colors on the can, don't they inspire you to make something crafty? And the added Vitamins made me feel good about drinking the already delicious concoction.
I also thought the promise of Vitamins and Minerals would get my righteous son off my back about drinking a beverage that could give me cancer...eek!
He saw it on TV.
See, this is why I don't have cable. Can you imagine what he would learn with basic cable?!!!
One day he promptly told me, "Mom, you can't have diet pop anymore, you could die!"
I promised him that Diet Coke would not be the death of me, what fun would that be? But also took a vow to decrease my use of the harmful material, which I dramatically have. (went from about 15 cans a week to only 5-7!)

After I bought the new and improved wonder soda, I promptly told Max that not only would Diet Coke not be the death of me, but it was now helping me attain my recommended daily dose of vitamins and minerals. And you know how your mother llllooooovvveeessss minerals!
He seemed pleased with the new vitamins and he likes the can as well. Seemed like a happy compromise and brought new harmony to the house.

I unfortunately like the can design more than the actual product.

Seriously, dontcha just love the light teal and red combo?
It is similar to Diet Coke but sweeter. I know that sounds strange for a soda with no sugar, but it is.
So, I think I am back to my trusty Diet Pepsi, but I will keep a few of these little babies in the fridge in case someone is checking my harmful consumption.


Greta Adams said...

hmmm will have to try it...i don't care for pepsi products ...yucky!

Crafty Connie said...

I am a Diet Coke gal through and through so I will have to check out the new product.
Love the colors on the can.

Unknown said...

You are way too funny! I personally am a diet Coke gal. Love it!

blah said...

I'm so glad that you reviewed this :-) I'm totally a Coke product person and I'm addicted to Diet Coke with Lime. I've seen this one and have wanted to try it. So, is the sweetness more like a real Coke taste?

elizabeth said...

i too have been drawn to the can but didn't know if the whole vitamin thing would change the taste.

i personally prefer diet pepsi but lately i have been on a cherry coke zero kick. seriously, it tastes just like regular cherry coke.