Thursday, April 26

Blogger Swaps Thursday!

So, I was in a great swap group with other bloggers and it was great for two main reasons:
1. I only had to make 7 cards.
2. The swappers in the group are amazing crafters!

So every Thursday I will be posting the great cards I received from this swap. I really hope they do it again so I can get some more great cards and learn about a few more bloggers I wasn't familiar with before.

First up is Robin Desko. Her Blog is called Rubber Stamped Reflections. She has MANY wonderful projects on her blog and even a gallery on the left side, love that!
When I got this card, all I could say as my jaw hit the floor was....WOW! There are so many details on this card, I am not sure where to start.
See the vase?? It has added Crystal Effects to give the illusion of water!
You may not be able to see the add paper piercing but there is a bunch!
And the sponged color on all the edges is wonderful.
Thanks Robin for a wonderful card!

EDITED: This card is not Robin's (duh?!!), that's what I get for note labeling them correctly!! I am a total spazz, this card was made by Ana Wohlfahrt, her blog is InkaStamp. A thousand apologies to Ana. The card is amazing and now I am off to make an I'm Sorry card...

This group is completely different from the Blogger RAK (random acts of kindness) Group. That group is open to anyone, you just have to be a member of the RAK group on Splitcoast and then sign up HERE. I have received wonderful cards and made new friends in that group as well.
I am just trying to track my cards, sent and received. It seems people are always joining, which is great, but it put a kink in my current tracking method.

If you are a member of this group or just have a great idea how I can keep it all straight...Please, let me know.

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Greta Adams said...

that is a fabulous card..i'm off to check her out