Tuesday, December 5

What a Day...Already!

So, this morning as I left the house, I reached into my coat pocket to pull out the car keys.
The car keys weren't in my pocket.
I thought it was odd.
I tried to think back to last night when I had them.
I searched the house.
I always put the keys in my coat pocket.
And I knew I had locked the car doors. (I have a fear of someone trying to sleep in my car at night, you never know)

Max walked out to the car.
"Great mom, you locked the keys in the car."
In my defense, the keys fell out of my pocket when I grabbed my gloves.
On the front seat lay one glove and my keys.

Now I am still at home, only a dollar in the wallet, so no bussing it for me.
The boss just called and wants me to cab it into the office, so I guess I will have to work that out now.

But before I leave....
New card made with the new papers, stamps and diecut stickers in the Winter Mini.
And while I was sitting around at home this morning, watching Martha (love Martha), I crocheted a scarf for my little sister. It was super chunky yarn, wacky multi-colored. And with a size 'P' hook, it only took an hour to work my way through the whole skein. I need another one to make it a little bit longer, but I love how fast it was. Plus, this is the third time I have crocheted this skein, the other two times the width just wasn't right. Again, huge thanks to Connie because without her tutoring, I wouldn't have been able to do this at all.

I have more cards and a cool trick to post tomorrow, but for now, I must figure out a way to get my butt to work.

Note to self: Get spare set of car keys to keep in the house!


gloria said...

this sounds like something i would do.

i once got locked *inside* my house.
yeah, that was fun.

::shakes head::

Mimi said...

Ugh. Not fun.

Enjoy the cab ride!

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

That stinks! Maybe a spare set of keys should go to the top of your sih list!

Crafty Connie said...

You are becoming the Queen of crocheting. We just have to figure out how to read a pattern so that we can make things other than afghans and scarves.

The card is great, as usual.

At least you didn't leave the keys in the ignition with the car running like I once did. Hope you got to work okay and have someone that can help get inside the car to retrieve those keys.