Thursday, December 7

Scallop Edge Tip

I saw this tip on Splitcoast and I couldn't wait to try it out for myself. As a person who loves the punches, this was right up my alley. I am always telling people how great the Slit Punch is, seriously the best $5 I have ever spent on the tool and this just adds to the list of reasons why.
I apologize for the quality of the photos, I hope this makes sense nonetheless.

How to make a Scalloped Edge Circle With the Slit Punch!

#1: You need to make a "donut" first, a circle with the center cut out. I use the Circle Scissors, I love it. I have heard complaints about this tool, but the trick is to use a glass mat as your cutting surface. With a glass mat, this tool is your best friend. Cut out the center of the circle first and then the outer rim.

#2: Here is the "donut", remember that the outer circumference of your donut needs to be slightly larger than the size of your finished product because you will be "trimming" next.

#3: Now, slide the Slit Punch through the center of the donut and begin punching your petals. Remember to try and line the petals up end to end as you are looking at the punch from this angle. Also, after you punch a petal, be sure to push it back down before you slide your punch over otherwise you will tear your paper.

#4: Her is the start of the scalloped circle, petals side to side (I know it is kinda hard to see).

#5: After you have gone all the way around the circle, you will need to snip the petals to cut away all the outer paper.

#6: Here is the finished Circle, now all you have to do is add it to a great project. If you are just covering the center, the inside of the donut does not have to be perfect because it is going to be covered anyway.

Here is the Scalloped Circle used as a flower with new Loves Me paper and the Pocket Notes :

Here is another card with the center covered with a new Diecut Sticker:

You can also do a scalloped edge, which is what I used on this card, love all the sparkle, hate finding pieces of sparkle on me 6 days later!

If you don't have this punch, add it to your Christmas list or at least be sure to get it in January during Sellabration time. With this there is no need to buy the Scalloped Circle punch and limit yourself in the size of the circle....the possibilities are endless.


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Oooh, great tip!

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Crafty Connie said...

Can't wait to try this with my new punch! Thanks for the cool tip.

Hippofatamus said...

I love it... Thanks for sharing that!