Wednesday, November 1

Swap Update

Ok, so as of today, here is a list of those who have signed up for the 6 x 6 Recipe Swap:

  1. Connie
  2. Stephanie
  3. Katie
  4. April
  5. Mimi
  6. Debbie
  7. Lorene
  8. Carol (even though she doesn't know it yet)
  9. Me, of course.

There is still 14 days to sign up! And let's remember that it is not due til February, so join in the fun, you will have plenty of time after the Holidays are over will be happy you did. The more the merrier and the bigger my book will be!

For anyone who missed it....Details HERE.


Greta Adams said...

okay dammit...i will sign up...only because it's not do until

elizabeth said...

girl, i thought i posted a comment saying count me in?

didn't i or is blogger farkin' with us again.

oh and put links to the other girls' blogs so we can see who we're swappin' with (not that i'm trying to be bossy or anything ;)

gloria said...

how fun!
i am curently in a 6x6 recipe tough for me!! 6x6 is SMALLer than i remember!


enjoy all the yumminess!!