Wednesday, November 1


Pimped the kid last night to bring home 7 pounds of Halloween Candy! (yes, we weigh our candy, got to try and outweigh last year)
Not sure how the two of us will eat all 7 pounds but we are up to the challenge. Candy is a food group, right?

Also, a little eye candy for everyone!
I am seriously loving the new Creative Imaginations Products! Never really went nutso for them before, but loved the Bare Elements stuff I saw at CHA and now it just gets better and better. Everything I really love is designed by Marah Johnson and it is all wonderful.
This new collection, Play Cards, is so great. Very vintage, very cool. (Wanted to put a picture on here, but blogger is still not cooperating with me, I may need to try and get that beta version again, maybe that would help.)
Also, all the cool skulls and it!
And this Marah Johnson is way talented, I had no idea. She made some amazing purses with the bare elements purses and her new paper lines and I am floored at the mad skillz on this chick. I am just speechless. Check out her blog to catch a glimpse of the talent.

Hope everyone enjoyed that little treat!


Mimi said...

Oh my goodness, I'd not seen that line - I'm hooked.

And, Marah is fab!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to stop by real quick and say...*you made my day* with your post....thanks for the linkage!

gloria said...


holy moly!

is your dental ins up to date?