Friday, October 27

I Have a Major Crush

I am madly in love with this camera. Have been for the past two years really. It's no secret that I am not a fan of digital photography or at least I thought I wasn't. Then I saw this little guy, actually his older brother and the quality of the photos blew my socks off!
For a couple months I kept talking myself out of it. Kept telling myself that the second I buy it, there will be something bigger and better. Plus, the price tag convinced me that I would never be able to own this type of camera unless I sell a major organ.
But, I knew I had to have one.
Over the weekend, we went to the Best Buy to begin culminating our Christmas list (even the thought of Christmas causes me to shudder) and I saw him.

This little guy!
Brand new.
10 megapixels.
So handsome.
So sexy black.
I held it and looked through the viewfinder.
My heart began to race, I was in love.
I wanted it so badly.
I started envisioning all the Halloween and pumpkin farm shots, all the perfect Holiday photos...perfection because of this little guy.
But alas, the price tag brought me back to reality like a ton of bricks.
As I left the store, I could've cried. I swear I could hear the camera still calling to me, begging me to take him home, yelling out, "don't you love me?"

Haven't stopped thinking about that camera since I saw him Sunday.
I have a major crush.
Tonight as I shoot the Fall Festival with my film camera, who is still my little baby, I will still keep thinking ....
If only I had the digi....if only....


Greta Adams said...

oooh girl love my $$ oneil ever spent.....besides my cricut of course...that damn thing...everytime i look at it i remember all the grief it caused me....anyway break down get it...put it on lay-a-way and you will NOT regret it

Vintage Papers said...

I have the 8 pixels (one year in May) and even though it was one of the scariest purchases I ever made, it was also the BEST! I use it ever day practically. I hope you will invest in one!

SuburbanMom said...

Hmmm....let me know when you get it. ;)

Di said...

I am drooling over those cameras, too! Alas, I have my cheesy point and shoot digital, and my film camera is actually my dad's Canon AE1 that if I'm lucky I can get away from him from time to time, however, far and few between....I will drool along side you...someone will clean up the puddle later.....