Tuesday, November 7

Blogger and I are both Sick!

I seem to have caught some sort of flu bug, yesterday I was feeling quite nauseous but lucky for me today is filled with headache, chills and sore throat. So I think it officially makes it a flu. I have been chugging down Vitamin Water (power C) like crazy and I hope it doesn't get any worse or last too long! I'm way too busy to get sick.
What's up with blogger lately, I can't seem to post comments on anyone's blogs and I can't post pictures at all....Perhaps blogger needs a case of Vitamin Water.

Before the flu bug bit, I had a very deep thought over the weekend. We were driving to my mom's on Sunday and Max says, "Man, there are a lot of dead squirrels on the streets lately" Which is totally true!
I just told him, "Well, this time of the year they are so busy that they don't look where they are going, they just know that they have to get all their little jobs done."
I swear I had a lightbulb moment.
Then I said to Max, "Man I feel like a squirrel these days"
"Hope you don't get run over Mom."

Am I the only one that runs around like a squirrel and I should you really be watching where I am going?

Once blogger and I are feeling better, pictures and projects!


Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

The squirrels really ARE out like crazy these days. I am definitely one of them!!! LOL

Mimi said...

I'm sorry you aren't feeling well.

LOL at Max.

Greta Adams said...



elizabeth said...

oh i hope that you are feeling better soon! i hate feelin' icky.

you did get my name down for the swap right?

Di said...

I've been a squirrel lately, myself! What a profound thought, hehe....funny the things our kiddos get us thinking about huh? I hope you don't get run over, either! Sounds like you're getting run over by this flu/cold thing though! Hope you get better soon! I've also noticed about the darn Blogger issues, I haven't been able to post a pic through blogger in a long time, I have to put the pics in my photobucket first if I want pics. grrr.

Oh yeah, and I got my first e-mail newsletter thingy from your stamping thing! :)

But, anyway, hoping you feel better soon, and don't get run over!!

gloria said...

lol well i hope you don't get run over either!

i think a lot of blogs switched to beta, i had a few days of that not-being-able-to-comment trouble too.