Thursday, September 7

You Want Microwave?

The first week of school has kept me running about the city every night this week. There is something new we "need" every day and it has been exhausting.
Well, last night we found ourselves scouring the earth for navy blue gym shorts that are not shiny, basketball-like, or weird feeling. Doesn't seem that hard, right??
In the middle of the hunt, we had to eat something because Max insisted that his stomach was "eating itself", so I hear, "there's a chinese buffet, let's go there, I could eat the whole thing."
Still feeling that gnawing mom guilt, I gave in. Plus, it seemed cost effective if in fact he could eat "a whole cow".
We walk into the Chinese buffet and I really didn't think it was open because in the window I could just see table upon table of no one. But in we went. And lo and behold, there were two people in there. The nice man sat us and contrary to customary buffet etiquette got our sodas for us. Max thought that was way weird and disappointed he was unable to make his crazy soda concoction.
Then it was off to the buffet.
I walked around and it all looked pretty pathetic but I tried to make the best of it.
I scooped up some noodles, chicken and some sort of beef dish. Max looked way disappointed in the lack of his favorites. But then something happened. I accidently touched the noodles on my plate with the side of my hand and they were ice cold. So I began to poke my finger into the rest of the food on my plate and it was all cold. I don't mean room temperature, normal buffet cold, I mean...burrrr!
I stop Max from trying to find something he may enjoy eating, and touch his sweet and sour chicken and that is freezing too.
I tell him, we can't eat here, the food is cold. We're out of here.
He just looked at me in disbelief, "Really??"
I go to the nice man who was kind enough to pour me a diet pepsi and tell him, the food is cold, we can't eat this, sorry.
"You want microwave?"
I swear my jaw hit the floor, I was speechless.
Then I realized that my look of disbelief must not have translated well because he is waiting for my answer. I tell him, "No thanks."
"We have microwave, I make hot."
Getting my purse and preparing to leave didn't translate either, I guess.
"No thanks."
We promptly left as another man came over and the two of them began chatting it up in chinese, I am sure cursing me, probably literally.
Oh well.
If I wanted microwave I would've stayed home and had a lean cuisine.


Mimi said...

Ugh. What a nasty experience.

What is it with the right kind of shorts - we went through that too. Did you try Old Navy?

gloria said...

You have GOT to be kidding me!

That's MESSED up!

elizabeth said...

that is friggin' funny! and i can only imagine the look on your face :)

so where'd ya end up going?