Friday, September 8

Why Ritalin is so widespread!

New school, new rules, new classes, new ways of doing things.

Old school = 2 recesses every day, gym 4 days a week.
New school = recess once a week and gym once a week.

This is why kids are so antsy!
Who likes to pay attention for that much time in a row?
Not me!!
I don't think I could.

This schedule is definitely gonna require a higher dosage.


gloria said...


Way to contribute to obesity in children as well.

Sheesh. I would not be happy if this were the case at our school.

Greta Adams said...

you have got to be shitten me???

Anonymous said...

Hey (I found you via Greta)I am also a teacher at a new school this year (St Paul, MN). Wondering what I have gotten myself into!!!

Anonymous said...

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