Wednesday, September 6

Back to School Week

Yes, it has been a long time.
Yes, that is bad.
Yes, I promise to blog better.

Yesterday was the first day of school and other than being busy at work, that has consumed most of my waking hours. I put off all the necessary school shopping til the very last second (I know...bad bad bad) and had quite an ordeal trying to find navy blue uniform pants in 10 slim for the super skinny leggy boy. I did however, get to visit the absolute cleanest Old Navy Store in the Chicagoland area and that was nice to see for a change.
The first day of school has caused me so much stress and worry over the past few weeks, I had been chomping down Rolaids like they were candy. We were having quite trouble with his placement and the Chicago School District but hopefully it will all work out now that I was the loud abnoxiuous demanding mother. There goes my plan to keep a low profile at the new school. Oh well.
Max was seriously stressing about school and was so anxious, he was up at 6am and ready to go by 7:30a. Too bad school didn't start til 9am. While I watched him, looking as though he could hurl at any moment, trying to get acclamated in the new surroundings outside school yesterday, I thought back to my first day at a new school in 4th grade.
And what I remember most is that it sucked.
I had already met my neighbor and been best pals with her for a year, so I already had a built-in friend, but it was still bad. Trying to fit in. Trying to meet people. Trying to find out what "cool" is in a new school. It was hard for me and I knew someone.
He saw a couple kids from camp, but of course they weren't in his class. And it seems that the afluent suburb that we came from is a little behind in its studies and caused him a major freak out. There are about 4 things in the first chapter of his math book that are intended for review, that he has never even seen before. Plus, all the kids in his class write in cursive and he was never taught it.
So, it will take some adjusting, hopefully, and in the meantime, I have felt so guilty about moving him away from the only school he's known and his friends, that I have been trying to compensate with extra attention, favorite meals, and maybe a Cd. I gotta buy back my good reputation!! Ha!

Also, I am trying to get ready for this Vendor Sale this Saturday. (East Prairie School, on Howard in Skokie) I want to promote upcoming classes and workshops, but I can also sell items under the new SU! policy, so I want to sell enough to make back the cost of the table. I am almost done with all my little projects (cheap items) and just have to finish some paperwork stuff.(I will post pictures!) I figure once I get all the basics out of the way, I should be well prepared for the Craft Fair season. Also, I have to send out my September Newsletter which is now 5 days late. Oops!
See how time flies when you have too much going on.

Well, I hope everyone else's first school days have been smooth sailing.


gloria said...

Here's to hoping Max has a great school year!!

And GL to you...all that talk of preparation is making me exhausted!!


elizabeth said...

you tell max that i was constantly a new kid in school and i know how hard it is but it will all be okay. he'll meet awesome new friends be writing in cursive in no time.

big smooches!