Monday, August 28

Birthday Swap Details!!!!!

Ok, as promised, here are the final details for the Birthday Card Swap:

Total Cards you need to create - 8
When you need to get them to me by - Oct. 1st
Where you send them - Everyone mailing them in will receive an email with the address
Anyone sending them in needs to send an extra envelope and the same amount of stamps to send the package back.

All cards should be a birthday theme...for any age, theme...whatever!
Again, this is the world's easiest swap!

So get cookin' and make up a few cards, no sweat. I hope to have them all back to you a day or two after I receive them all. Can't wait to see all the great cards and be well stocked for the rest of the year.
Did I miss anything??
Again...remember...Stress-free, so don't even freak for a second...I mean it!


SuburbanMom said...

Sounds fun! Hope you get some good cards.

Greta Adams said...

so glad it's oct MIL is on a jet plane back to NY and I am hopeing to get some normalcy and peace and quiet for a change....

Mimi said...

Can any supplies be used or do they have to have SU items?

I'm so excited.

Anonymous said...

Mine are going in the mail tonight.Looking forward to see what wonderful cards I will receive.