Sunday, August 27

Quick Update

I have been so busy lately, and not enjoying it at all.
My nephew was with me last week and it was nice to have a playmate around for Max. It reminded me why I always wanted more than one kid and made me th
ankful for only having one. I was supposed to straighten him out (remember I am the mean sister) but really there was nothing to put back in line, he was an angel. He is a teen now and apparently been getting into quite a bit of trouble up in Wisconsin and giving his mother a lot of attitude. I have seen the attitude first hand but I would never let my son talk to me like that in the first place, which is probably most of the problem. I explain to him "if mama ain't happy, nobody is" and he seemed to be enlightened. What kid doesn't know how to suck up by the age of 13? Good thing I taught him that one, 'eh?

I met some neighbors a couple weeks ago because they were out on their front lawn with these new puppies:

My nosey nature and love of puppies paid off too! It turns out that my neighbor is a photography teacher at a local high school and has agreed to teach me to use my camera. I just can't figure the dang thing out without someone holding my hand. I can't wait!
Last weekend, I went to University of Illinois to visit my brothers and check out their new place. They have bunked up in a house this year with a couple other guys and it was funny to go for a quick visit before their classes started. I love taking pictures down at the campus, so many great photo spots. We will be going down again when the fall colors are in full bloom. And my brother is taking a photography class this semester and I gave him a camera, so there should be some awesome pictures this fall and I may even be in a couple because someone else will be able to work a camera! YAY!
I finished all my swaps (32 cards) for the holiday mini catalog. Felt a little weird making Christmas cards with the air conditioning on, but I got 'em done and couldn't be happier about that!
Here they are:
We have been trying to get ready for school and figure out this whole school thing here in the big city the last couple weeks and that has really sucked a lot of time and energy. I have learned more about the public school system in Chicago in the past two weeks than I am sure most people know about their school districts. The most important thing I have learned is that IT IS SCREWED UP!!
The thing really sucking my time and stressing me out is work. I love my job because it is completely tailored to me. It is laid back, low stress, completely easy! I am the boss, pretty much. We are rarely busy and I can wear whatever I want to work. I only have to get my work done and other than that can do as I please. It is perfect. Unfortunately, we have been busy the past couple weeks and I can't even keep up. So, not only am I missing my daily internet time, but I can barely breathe at work. It is not good. Plus, most days Max is with me at work because camp is over and school hasn't started, so it is even more stressful. And it is killing my blog....obviously!
Friday we went to a concert at Lincoln Park Zoo. We are fortunate enough to have two zoos in this area, but Lincoln Park is definitely my favorite and it's free. (gotta love a freebie) Well, in the summer, there are concerts in the zoo and they are cheap. (gotta love cheap) Max waited all summer for this concert, They Might Be Giants. Well, it was great fun. The weather was a bit humid, but no rain. My little sister went with us and when they came on, went with Max and barged through the crowd to position themselves in front of the stage. It was no problem for them because they looked like two little kids that could easily stand in front of the grown ups without obstructing their view. Max loved it. Although he loves all concerts, he's a concert kid. He's been to more concerts than some adults I know. Unfortunately, no cameras allowed in the concert..damn! But I took a couple shots when we got home, how cool is that foam was FREE! That band is too cool! (and my son is a goofball, obvious from these pictures!)

So, that is about it. I need a vacation in a bad way!
Gotta go get another cup of coffee, clean the house and do some reports for work, can you believe that! It's Sunday!
Birthday swap details tomorrow, I promise. The magic number is 8 if anyone is dying to get started.


elizabeth said...

i'm loving max's poses!!!

yay for meeting camera teachin' neighbors!!

and please don't forget to post the details for the'm going to need every reminder i can get :)


Greta Adams said...

i love max..he is sooo stinking funny and what's up with the cards?

Mimi said...

Wow! It sounds really awesome - I'd love to see TMBG!