Monday, August 14

New Project

So, here is the newest project I cooked up over the weekend, it is a photo wallet. I saw the idea for a card in the Paper Crafts Magazine, in the Fiskars section, but it was for a card. I just added the accordian part to the center and changed the design a little so it was bigger and simpler.
The set is a summer mini set, Polka Dot Posies. Love it.
This is what it looks like before you unfold the accordian inside.
Unfolded accordian, one side.
The other side.
Just a quick little project, I am trying to think up good class projects and thought this might be appealing. The pictures are of my brother Andrew and his girlfriend, Katie. They are a common subject because they are always willing to pose for me, see...this is what you can get if you let me take a zillion pictures of ya!


Mimi said...

What a cool idea! Good job.

elizabeth said...

that turned out awesome!

hey, when are we supposed to start the card swap thing-a-ma-bobber?

Greta Adams said...

man that is great stuff.....

gloria said...

LOVE this.

I would *totally* book a class to learn that!!