Friday, July 14

Recent Projects

So, here are just a couple, I took more pictures but of course they were blurry...I love my digital camera...NOT!!

The first is a little mini book I made back in February as a V-day gift but haven't made one since because I was afraid they would retire that punch from Stampin' Up! But to my delight, it made it in the new catalog. Yay!
This is just a simple page with a great picture of my brother and his girlfriend, Katie. They are always willing to be photographed, so I have countless pictures of them. Plus, they dress for the occassion, so the pictures generally look great. Good pictures always makes scrapbooking easier.That's it for now. More to come next week, because I am going to Marilyn's house to scrapbook and "have cocktails"...that was the invite and I am not passing it down!


Greta Adams said...

i wouldn't pass up scrapping and cocktails either girl....

SuburbanMom said...

I LOVE the colors you chose.

And scrapbooking and cocktails?? could life get any better?? ;)

Mimi said...

Very cool!

I'll have a cocktail as well.