Thursday, July 13

7 More Days!!

* Only 7 days and Greta and Elizabeth will be here. Wow, time flies.

* 8 days and I will be drooling at CHA. I have taken a look at some sneak peeks of new products that will be at the show and I am loving some of the stuff. Can't wait to see it in person and get a better look!

* Need to figure out what to do with my living room, I stink at decorating and I need to get those couches to my place this weekend!

* Gotta visit the Ikea for some little stuff that is still missing and a bookcase. If I had that, I could empty that last box...woo hoo!

* Got Cubs tickets for next Wednesday night, so when I should be getting ready for the visitors, I will be at Wrigley guzzling beer and complaining about their suckiness!

* Need the damn plumber to come and fix my water crisis before next Thursday.

* Max is coming home today from the Dells, haven't seen that little guy in 3 days. That should have been a perfect opportunity to get all this done! hahahaha

* Need to place an order for upcoming class, but I have to figure out what I need first (and want).

* Gotta get my act together for these teen classes I was asked to put together, but first I have to figure out what the heck teens like these days?? (besides themselves)

* Everything that is hangable in my apartment that is now just propped against walls, needs to go up. Man, I stink at that too.

* Need to get some curtains in there too, everything is so white, it is blinding!

* Should try to think up a way to display my stuff instead of it all sitting in that box, before the class on the 28th would be good.

* Planning on posting some of the projects I have actually been working on lately. Made a whole card yesterday and jumped for joy literally. Also, pissed off the downstairs neighbor by setting eyelets...oh well.

* Gotta stop thinking about that Canon Digital Rebel, I swear I dreamt about it last night. Only 2 days left for the big rebate I was going to take advantage of, but the flippin' IRS messed everything up....just let it go....grrrrr.

Truly need to get all this done this weekend and have "family time". I'm exhausted already. Phew!


Greta Adams said...

ugh sistah puhleeze don't be getting things all ready for us....shit i still have things ,,,well everything actually...that needs to be hung up on my walls...this is my motto as soon as i get them hung up i end up moving so why bother...curtains...what the hell is that? i have not a curtain in my house hung up...been there a year now

elizabeth said...

oooooh, i am so excited!

and like greta said, don't exhaust yourself just b/c we're coming up. we'll only be at your place to

Just Me said...

wooooohoooo!!! we must must must make plans to hook up

Mimi said...

I'm so jealous of your CHA drooling.

Enjoy the Cub's game!