Wednesday, July 19

There's a Wacko in my Basement

Which is nothing like a wocket in my pocket!!


Have you ever met someone or more importantly, been in the vicinity of someone and just known that there is something just whacko about them? Before I moved in, the landlord told me there was a nice fireman in the basement who is never home. Sounded good to me. Well, in reality, there is a crazed fireman in the basement, who is always around and completely weird.
About a week after I moved in, he was apparently cleaning out his apartment and had a ton of his belongings (man you can tell alot about a person by their crap!) in the laundry room. I didn't know this until Max went down to get out his bike and informed me that the "guy downstairs has a pile of naughty magazines on the washing machine, you should see them!"
So, I went down to check it out myself and there they were, a huge ass pile of Playboys spanning many years, some vintage, I'm sure. And I saw all the other unusual crap. I took out Max's bike for him and didn't do laundry for a couple days until I was sure everything was gone.

Then, a couple weeks ago, Max was outside the yard bringing back in the trash cans (even though we are only responsible for our own) and the guy pulls his car out of the garage and hits one of them. Then curses something (I assumed not directly at Max) and proceeds to school him on garbage cans.

Then, last week, while I was hammer eyelets at my dining room table he proceeded to pound on his ceiling and start yelling at me. It was 8pm. Clearly not a sleeping time and he should be happy I wasn't doing it on the floor like I usually do!

Then, over the weekend, the plumber came to address the water issue and needed to get into his apartment, well he would have none of that! He yelled some obscenities and told us to have a nice day in so many words.

Then, on Sunday, I hear some guys talking like truck drivers loudly right outside my window and guess who it was...whacko guy! He was loud enough to totally make out all the f-bombs and what he was saying with my windows shut and air conditioning on!

Then, yesterday, I was closing my windows last night which were opened all the way, when I suddenly hear some guys outside yelling at me. I look out and see some guy on a jog running toward me, yelling, no one else in sight. I didn't know if it was whacko guy because it was dark. So, I ran over to the dining room window, looked out at the yard.....AND IT WAS HIM! So, either he was yelling something to me that ended in "...use your head" or he was yelling to himself. I don't know which is more creepy.

I met the landlady, finally, over the weekend and explained about the guy being a pain with the plumber. She tells me, "yeah, he is kinda a whack job." Oh sure, tell me...NOW!

So, the plumber came today and whacko guy was letting him in the back door of the building and I had to leave my backdoor open. Now, all I can think about is this whacko going into my apartment after the plumber leaves! I am paranoid about it. I put a small piece of paper in my bedroom door and closed it, so I can tell if someone went in there.
But, what if that paper is gone?!?!?!
Then what.
Besides carefully searching my house for hidden cameras.


elizabeth said...

oh i can't wait to see this guy!

so does this mean that we need to tip toe in the forbid if he pounds on the ceiling when the three of us are hoopin' it up :)

see ya TOMORROW sista :)

Mimi said...

Ewwwwww. Yikes.