Friday, July 7

Friday Funk

Man, I am so crabby today I think I could rip the wings off a butterfly just 'cuz.
I am going camping again, except this time it is an adult trip with friends and family. Many years ago we took a camping trip with a ton of people and tried to make it a Memorial Day ritual but everyone seems to be busy that weekend nowadays so we have attempted to move it. This particular weekend was not exactly my idea, it just happened to work out with everyone's busy schedule. So, as usual, I was in charge of the planning. I found the site that could accommodate 20 of us that would not be in close proximity to a family with small children. Also, made sure that it was affordable for everyone. Careful planning was involved in this task.
Called everyone, got a head count and made the reservations.
Then, this week, one by one, people started cancelling.
As more and more people cancelled I have grown more and more angry.
Some of them haven't even called to cancel, just haven't returned my calls. We're talking family...not just friends. So, our big ass camping trip has turned into a get together and made me realize that I never want to be in this situation again.
Of all the siblings (6), I am probably the busiest. And as much as I like to us my mad Martha skills and plan little events, the constant cancelling and excuses has killed the thrill.
I know I will have a nice time this weekend (love camping regardless), but it is so disrespectful of people to act this way and I really thought that with all my family finally past the teenage phase, they would have started to think of someone other than themselves.
People who cancel last minute suck.
Enough said.


Greta Adams said...

girl...that does suck...but you know's better when it is a smaller group....hope you have fun anyway...


Mimi said...

Gah! I'm so sorry.

Have a great time

elizabeth said...

ya know what?

screw them.

you go have a blast with the few that are going. it will prolly cut down on all the family "talking behind each other's back" shit that happens when a large group gets together (or is that just my family?)

and just think, 13 days baby!!!!