Monday, July 10

A Benadryl Buzz

The mosquitoes were mad crazy about me this weekend. They wouldn't leave me alone for a second. I wasn't smelling pretty or anything, they were just attacking me left and right. I always get a pretty bad reaction from the little bites (which in my case are not so little), but with the countless bites covering me, I am having some sort of allergic reaction. On my right hand alone I have five bites and on my right foot, I've got...let's see...1 ... 2 .... 21 ... 22!! Good lord! So both my ankles are cankles now, a great look in flip flops, let me tell you!
In order to keep this crazy swelling and itching to a minimum I have slathered a bottle of Caladryl all over and have taken enough Benadryl to tak down a horse.
So, today is less than productive to say the least and I could just lay my head right on the desk right now and sleep for an hour.
And yes, before I hear it....I was wearing the cancer causing Deet laced Deep Woods OFF like it was my signature scent.
Gotta go concentrate on not itching!


Just Me said...

ahhhh...good ol benedryl....i stepped in a pile of ants...took me some this weekend...i was worthless for about 6 hours

Mimi said...

Oh yuck. I'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

did you at least have a good time to make up for the suckiness of the bug bites?

Greta Adams said...

oh yeah girl i bet them cankles are going to be looking HOT for CHA!!!

bwhahahaha sorry not laughing..really i am not (snickering)