Tuesday, July 11

All about Swapping!

I am trying to get a Swapping Group going, so I thought this would be a good refresher as well as a basic information guide for anyone who hasn't done it before.

Swapping is a fun way to make new friends with similar interests and get back some amazing projects. I have hostessed many swaps both online and locally and can't wait for this new group to form.
The first thing I want to stress is that my Swaps are STRESS-FREE! I have been in swaps that although they produce wonderful projects, they made the whole process miserable and I never want anyone to feel that way about my Swaps.

Now, what do you do if you are a member of the Swap Group?? Well, first you tell me you are interested. Then you will receive special email notices of open (new) swaps and decide if you want to participate. If it is a theme or project that doesn't interest you, just don't sign up for that swap, wait for something that appeals to you. I am planning some Card Swaps, Scrapbooking swaps and 3D Projects, just to start out with.

Why would you want to swap with us? Well, you will mass produce one idea about 10 times and get back 10 different projects. So, if the swap is Cards, you will make 10 of the same one and get back 10 different ones! It is great to see new ideas and different techniques.

Are there any rules of Swapping? Well, the first rule of swapping is... Don't be a flake!! A flake is someone who signs up for the swap then half way through or even right before the due date, decide not to participate. No one likes a flake. If you look at the due date and can't commit, don't. That is why the due dates are there, so that you can decide on what fits into your life. And remember, these are supposed to be stress-free so don't feel like you have to sign up because you can be a member of the group, choose as you like. Also, each swap will have directions listed so if you can decide if you can meet the requirements.

Can I be in the group if I don't live near you?? Why of course! There are always directions about mailing in your swaps to me and I mail them back, no problem. In fact, I love to have people in the group that "ain't from these parts" because it makes the group more diverse.

After I sign up how do I know how many to make? Well, after everyone signs up by the deadline, I will send out an email to let everyone know how many of their project to make and any last details. This is the absolute last chance for anyone who wants to back out to speak up!

So, that's about all the basic info.

Now, the first official Spazz Swap!

The Birthday Swap

I never have enough birthday cards, do you?! So this is a perfect swap to get stocked up and use all those paper scraps we have. This is also an easy swap, so it is a great way for newbies to get their feet wet.

This swap is for full cards only. Each person will make birthday cards using their own supplies. It is really that simple.
Just remember that everyone should be producing work that they are proud of, so that everyone is receiving great cards that they are proud to give out to family and friends. These cards can use stamping, paper crafting, quilling, painting, digital scrapping...whatever your heart's desire!

Details: No one needs to provide envelopes. Whomever signs up first gets first pick of theme. There does not need to be an inside greeting, but you are welcome to do so.

The sign-up deadline for this group: August 1st!
Just so that I know who will be in the group!

Swaps are due in my hot little hands: October 1st

So, get those ideas swirling in your heads, I am looking forward to some great cards that will cover at least my immediate family! (that would be only 12! lol)
If you know anyone else that would like to join us, it is open to anyone...the more the merrier.

And remember even if this swap does not appeal to you, there may be one in the future that does, so make sure you send me an email and let me know you would like to be in the Swap Group so that you will receive the email notices.

Thanks everyone and Happy Swapping!!
(if you have any questions, just ask, I am happy to answer!)


Greta Adams said...

I am interested in doing this swap...it will be funtastic....

SuburbanMom said...

I would totally participate but i suck so no one would want my stuff ;)
Plus I'd be too worried about flaking :)

But that is very cool that you are organizing.

elizabeth said...

count me in girl!

Mimi said...

I'm also interested.