Wednesday, June 28

My Horoscope Was Right!!

A group (blog girls) you're involved with, dear Aquarius, may want to discuss planning a trip of some kind - perhaps to a convention. (CHA) The drive to expand your horizons is very strong today, and therefore trips like this, or other opportunities to learn and grow, can be especially appealing. Give it some thought!

I did....and now Elizabeth and Greta are comin'!!!! Woo Hoo! The city is already making preparations for the whirlwind of these two. And it is somebody's birff-day that weekend, so I am expecting Xtreme fun this weekend!!

Now, if my horoscope could be right when it pertains to money and love....


Just Me said...

how freaking awesome is THAT!!! i said it once and i'll say it RAWWWWK!!!

elizabeth said... friggin' way!!!!

that is so scary its not even funny. i'm going to have to tell greta that.

hey if you get this, email me your phone number and me and greta will three way ya (as in a phone call) tonight to be all giggly and talk about our upcoming trip!



Greta Adams said...

OMG how freaky is that.....that shit is the bomb sista....OMG i am just peeing in my pants while searching airlines...i just can't wait...we will have a BLAST!!!!

Get ready Chicago...the southern girls are on their way!!

Woot! Woot Woot! Arsenio style

Anonymous said...

I read about this little expedition from elizabeth's and greata's blog,, you girls have a fab time,,, and lot of pics, lol

Just Me said...

ahhh!! ha'll have to set up some ice cream taste tests while i'm there!! ;-)~