Thursday, June 22

Gettin' The Heck Outta Dodge!

With the move and all the craziness lately, I have not been feeling myself at all lately. I have been in a total funk, walking around in my crabby pants every day. Plus, I have been sick as well, enough to go to an actual doctor (which is huge for me) and get some shots and crap. This has added to the insanity and made me feel even more unwell. So, as I told my son, "I'm feelin' sick...sick in the body and mind, so cut me some slack. "
Luckily, my mom has been so great lately and helping me like I hear some mom's do normally. She even came over to help me install the air conditioners in time for the sweltering heat over the weekend and cleaned all the ceiling fans the other night. She couldn't bear the thought of dusty blades hanging over our heads in every room and with me sick she didn't think it would get done fast enough. Someone had to come over and help me with this one anyways because of my crippling fear of heights, I have a panic attack to stand on a chair!

I am trying desperately to make some cards to announce our move, but have no desire to even touch my supplies. (I told you I was sick!) I also have to get my class schedules together for the summer to keep the business afloat and I just can't even get into my groove.
So, in an attempt to shake the funk, I am gettin' the heck outta here this weekend. My sistah and I are taking our boys and going camping. This makes us two of the coolest moms ever!
Max loves to go camping, I think he would live outside all summer if he could. It will be nice to get away from the new place, that doesn't feel like home yet, and spend time with my sister because I don't get enough quality time with her. It is going to be nice to do nothing for a weekend, no tv, just talk (gossip) and hang out. This is also when my sister and I have the best time with our boys, just playing and hanging out.
Also, Max is bringing a friend from the old neighborhood and he is so excited you would think we were going to Disney and it is nice to see him so happy. All the craziness is not easy on him.

So we are off to Cheeseland tomorrow, getting away from all the problems, lists, decisions, work...and when I come back, I hope, I will be me again, stronger...better...happier. And I will be ready to deal with the phone problem, plumbing, car, work, school, business and life in general.

I promise, promise, promise....If you are looking for classes for next month...NEXT WEEK! With the new catalog, retiring accessories and new products coming, it has been hard to plan things.


Mimi said...

Enjoy and travel safely

Just Me said... realize that you're joining us for something while i'm in Chicago right?!?!?!?