Monday, June 26

I thought *I* was the cool mom!?!?

During the camping weekend, Max met a little girl in the pool. (I'm not surprised)

MAX: Mom, I have a new girlfriend.
ME: Oh really.
MAX: Yep and her mom is really cool.
ME: I'm a cool mom too.
MAX: No, her mom is really cool, she has a lip ring!
ME: Ah ha. But I'm cool too, right?
MAX: Sure mom.
ME: Can I meet this girl?
MAX: No way!!!
ME: Why not?
MAX: You are way too talkie talkie.

I didn't even catch a glimpse of this little girl, the risk of the "talkie talkie" mom made sure that she never came within 10 feet of me. And I took very few pictures because I was scolded about that as well. Man, I miss those younger, cuter days.


Just Me said...

too funny...i wonder what i'll have to deal with having a girl!!

Mimi said...

Bwahahahahahaha. Oh dear.

Greta Adams said...

and it's only going to get worse

elizabeth said...

oh how i feel your pain. i'm dealing with the "don't kiss me or tell me that you love in me in public" phase.

how did this happen?