Tuesday, June 13

Ah...Apartment Livin'

I guess I have been spoiled for the past 7 years because I have rented houses, not apartments. I had forgotten (or blocked out) all the headache and hassle of people living above and below. The perks of no yard work seemed appealing, but probably doesn't make up for the other issues. Apparently, no one in the building wants to take out the garbage cans each week and as the new girl, I figured someone else had been doing it and would continue to do so, but I was wrong. As I heard the garbage truck approaching this morning, I opened the blinds, looked out at the driveway and they weren't there!
Max and I ran out like banshees, trying to drag the 2 weeks worth (because no one did it last week either) of garbage to the curb and beat the truck. We did. And then they passed us and didn't empty the cans.

I pray that they were making a second sweep later, otherwise we will all be in trouble.

I also met my upstairs neighbor or at least the husband.
Neighbor: Hi, I'm your upstairs neighbor.
Me: Oh, Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Simone.
Neighbor: Yeah, umm, you see, I had a heart attack 5 weeks ago and your music is quite loud.
Me: Oh, it doesn't seem that loud. I guess I will turn it down.
Neighbor: Yeah, I am trying to watch TV and I can hear it.
Me: Well, I can hear the guy downstairs and it is only 2 in the afternoon.
Neighbor: I like music, I'm an artist, I paint in my studio in the back and play all kinds of music, classical, jazz, U2. I like music.
Me: Ok
Neighbor: So, if my music is too loud I will turn it down for you too.
Me: It wouldn't matter, it is daytime.
Neighbor: Well ok, then...bye.

Seriously...the music wasn't loud and it was midday! You expect to hear the people above and below you, just hope it isn't at 3am. And was he hinting that my music would affect his ability to recuperate from his heart attack? What the heck? He should be happy I wasn't playing my gangsta rap.
I can only imagine that this is only the beginning. Max isn't the quietest of children and really I haven't been asking him to be during the day, but that may all be changing very soon.

I also miss my washer and dryer so much! I don't want to have to put any quarters in a little tiny machine or go to the laundromat, but that day is quickly approaching. We are running out of clothes fast. And I miss my dishwasher, I hate washing dishes, yuck!

Other than all this, I have gotten all my supplies out of boxes and set up in the dining room which is now referred to as the scraproom. It is just big enough for everything and my huge table for everyone to work at. I will post pictures tomorrow, but it is still a work in progress, I need to buy a few things but need some funds first. I also need to make some cards for family and friends about the move, I'm thinking maybe I should go digital, it may make it simpler. Just another thing to add to the To Do List. Man, this list is getting long.


Mimi said...

Ugh. Apartment living. You have my sympathy.

Greta Adams said...

girl i don't miss it....that sucked bad...unless you were in a single story apartment and on the end with old folks for next door neighbors then you had the best of both worlds...they are quiet and you can be as loud as you want to because they are practically deaf and can't hear well....now that's apt life...bwhahahaha

elizabeth said...

kooky neighbors....much fun!!!

hope everything goes a lot more smoothly :)

Just Me said...

what a whack job...are you going to be in town for CHA?!?!?

we're taking chicago by storm

Stacy said...

wow...sounds like a bit of a nutter living in your building! I feel for you :)