Monday, June 5

So Busy

It feels like I don't even have time to breathe these days...phew!

I am officially moved, finally, and it almost killed me. I thought I had gotten rid of a ton of stuff but I still had way more than I thought which made the move long and exhausting. Also, I had the worst time finding anyone to help me. If you wanna clear a room, just ask the people to help you move! I definitely needed more muscle than I had, my mom and I aren't as strong as we appear.

Now the new place is filled with boxes which can make a grown woman cry. Luckily, my mom has been so completely wonderful this weekend, I wouldn't have survived without her. She even took today off and ran around getting keys made, contact paper for the cabinets and is coming over to help me find stuff.

Max is already unhappy with the new place, as expected but hopefully once he is at the park across the street every day meeting a ton of kids, he will quickly forget all his complaints. I am also in a battle with Max's current school district to allow him to register for next year. I was told it wouldn't be a problem, so I just called to see if there was anything special I needed to do before school ends on Friday. I was told that he couldn't register because he is out of district, which is disastrous. Max has been at this school since kindergarten and it has been an uphill climb with all the special ed stuff and problems, we are finally in a good place. All his extra services are in place and he is finally doing well and thriving. A change now will set us back so far I start to cry just thinking about it.

So the battle has begun. I am going to go out kicking and screaming if I need to. The only exceptions they make are for the "health and safety of a child" and I am hoping that will apply to Max, fingers crossed.

Also, killing me, is that my dsl and phone won't be on until Wednesday and I am lost without it, plus, all my scrapping stuff is everywhere in boxes and I have Workshops coming up that I am completely unprepared for.
Can you say...stressful??!?!


Greta Adams said... have been uber busy. I hope all goes well with Max and the school. That sucks that they tell you one thing and then back out. Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry! i left you a big huge apology message on your voice mail too. i totally didnt get a message from you. i even told david that you didn't call. *cry* i feel like the world's biggest heel.
i. am. so. so. so. sorry.

Just Me said...

i had boxes for furniture for a long time