Friday, May 12

Rain Rain Get the Heck out of Here!

It is wet and freezing here today! Officially 42 degrees right now, but it feels way colder! Brrrrr.
This is not spring weather at all. And I HATE the rain, way worse than snow.
Everytime I have the girls over on a Friday, the weather sucks. Is someone trying to tell me something?? This will not stop us from scrapping.
I am not really looking forward to Mother's Day this year. First of all, the weather is crap as opposed to last years warm and sunny. Max has told me, "You're gettin' nuthin' mom". Told him I would love for him to make me a little card to which I got a nice eyeroll. Plus, I have no plans. My own mother has already made other plans and my dad and stepmom live way too far with the cost of gas. I don't really mind, but would prefer not to cook or clean on Sunday and it looks like that is not going to happen.
I think maybe this crappy weather is just making everything else seem even crappier. Funny how this can affect me.
Doesn't matter, I know having the girls over and getting rid of stuff I have collected over the years will make me feel better. Anyone want some stickers??


Mimi said...

Scrapping is the perfect antedote for rain. Enjoy!

SuburbanMom said...

Oh no, that sucks that you have rain. You know we had rain for so long...but it is finally sunny and warm here. Love it. Just got back in the house from sunbathing :)

gloria said...

I got rid of a 2" STACK of stickers abotu a year ago...I need to purge some more...but I am too afraid too!! LOL