Tuesday, May 16

I Guess those Ipods really are Loud!

While reading the News of the Weird this week, I stumbled across this:

In Red Deer, Alberta, in April, Jesse Maggrah, 20, listening through earphones
to heavy-metal music while walking on Canadian Pacific Railway tracks, was hit
from behind by a train moving at about 30 mph, but survived. In his hospital bed
(broken ribs, punctured lung, other injuries), Maggrah said he remembers the
immediate aftermath: "I thought, 'Holy crap, dude, you just got hit by a
train.'" "Maybe the metal gods above were smiling on me, and they didn't want
one of their true warriors to die on them." [Edmonton Sun, 4-18-06]

and I laughed my ass off! How loud was the music and just how into it was this guy?!?!?!


elizabeth said...

that is hilarious!!!

that is however my fear when i am walking...that a car is going to hit me. could be b/c i was hit by a car when i was about five crossing the street to the icecream truck, but that's another post...lol.

Greta Adams said...

okay so the metal gods huh?? well i'd say he is fried...must these young kids today smoke that waky tobacky? hehehee that was funny

Mimi said...

We had the same thing happen here recently, except sadly it was a fatal accident.

I don't know how loud people listen to their iPods, but it's apparently quite loudly.

SuburbanMom said...

Ha, I love his "holy crap dude" that is too funny :)

Just Me said...

what a lunatic!