Thursday, May 11

My new buddy

Got me a new buddy.

I joined a Shrinking Peas group over on the Pub Message board of 2peas in order to get myself motivated to lose at least 10 pounds before I need to don a swimsuit. There are a bunch of us in this group and it gives me a chance to post on the board without fear of being bashed. I have been a member for over a year and lurked on that website way longer, but rarely post because of the drama that goes on over there quite frequently. Plus, most days it feels very much like being in high school again, cliques and all. Unfortunate, because it is an awesome scrapbooking website. But makes sense when you have that many women all together. Enough of the rant, back to the buddy....

So, my new pal....Kimberleigh13 is great. Super nice and we have the same goals or so it seems. She is quite the little motivator too, she checks up on me almost daily. I picked her because not only do we have about the same goals, but her scrapbook layouts are very similar to mine. I know it sounds kinda stupid, but it was something I looked for. This is probably my favorite layout of hers but you can see her whole gallery HERE as well.
Since we have buddied up, I have been doing crunches and leg lifts almost every night and even drinking water. I can't believe it myself. I need to buy a scale so I can see if I am actually diong anything, but I fear what it may say to me. I usually judge weight by how the pants fit and this week....they are a little loose. Yippee!!


Mimi said...

There's an amazing amount of drama, isn't there? I really re-evaluated my participation there after this winter, but I do still find myself there more than I should.

On to the CONGRATULATIONS! Whohoooo!

Greta Adams said...

I have been with 2 peas for years and it's always the same drama...I now belong to and it's not cliquish at all...I know what you mean about high school drama mama.

You can do it girl...if I could anyone could...

37 pounds to date...if you need help or ideas just drop me an email...i'm here for ya sista