Wednesday, March 29

You Can't Win if you Don't Play!

I always liked that marketing campaign for the Illinois Lottery. It makes sense. I can't win unless I pay my $1 and buy my ticket. I can't possibly even dream that I win the lottery without putting some kind of money into the pot in hopes of holding the winning ticket. It's kinda like little Charlie Bucket who found that golden ticket. He would have never gotten the chance to meet Mr. Wonka if he hadn't bought that chocolate bar! Of course, if he hadn't won he still got a yummy piece of chocolate as a consolation prize.

Well, I have decided that I have to enter This Contest. And I know I probably won't win, kinda like the lottery... but I have to try. And again, it may be the swift kick in the pants I need to actually sit my arse down and get some pages done! Plus, I could win $10,000. And if I don't win, consolation prize is that I will have 20 awesome pages done and I could buy some of that new Scenic Route Paper that is making me drool. It is a great excuse!

Unlike the Chatterbox contest though, I am starting now and I am actually gonna try really really hard for this one! And just think, if I enter I could win. It would be possible. It could be a million to one shot, but it's a shot. And that would be sooooo cool! Snap!


Greta Adams said...

good luck to you...let us know what happens

Just Me said... least you'll have one less person to compete against...cuz i wouldn't dream of it...