Monday, March 27

My Bird Boy

My son is officially the child all mother's look at and say, "Just don't be like that kid." He's still sporting the faux hawk and is campaigning for an official mohawk when he gets his hair cut on Saturday. I think I would rather he had the real mohawk than the faux that nuts?
Well, for your viewing pleasure, ladies and gentlemen, the incomparable...Max:

No, he doesn't have a black eye in this picture, it just looks that way because this was one of his mornings when he set his alarm clock an hour early because he was excited about eating pancakes....frozen pancakes.


Just Me said...

that's awesome...i did that to my hair once...only it was much taller...

Greta Adams said...

leave max alone..he looks cute..i fix my 3 year olds hair in a faux hawk...hehehehehe.... SNAP!