Friday, March 24


I am so glad it is Friday, I am draggin' today. Can't seem to get myself out of first gear today. I am in dire need of a little nap and something to eat, I forgot my lunch today. Unfortunately, no rest for the ....for the ...weary?? Is that it? That doesn't make sense.
No rest for the wicked?
No rest for the weary?
No rest for the sleepy?
I just can't think today.
Regardless, no nap, the girls are coming over to scrap and chat tonight. Hopefully, my sister will grace me with her presence. I was given the tentative yes, if she doesn't have a date. I don't think I will be seeing her. Don't see her much these days.
I also have a babysitter tomorrow night, Yippee! Gotta love grandparents. So, I will be going out on the town! Woo Hoo! Ok, so that was a little too much build-up. I am sure it will not be Woo Hoo worthy, but fun nonetheless.
I also need to post photos of my loser Chatterbox book to post, but I think I will show the girls the book tonight and then based on their reviews decide if I should. Luckily for me, my gal, Carol is wickedly honest, so I know she'll tell me the truth.

I thought about all the kookiness that goes on in my life that is a direct result of my little Max. I swear, every day there is something noteworthy or at least amusing. So, from now on, a Max moment a day or at least I will try to post them. (This will also help me remember them.)

Today's Max Moment
Max is always picking up amusing little sayings that he uses that are out of the norm and I swear that there are few children that speak like him. Example: When he was in Florida he tells me, "I got to partake in the activities at the hotel and I enjoyed them more than I thought." This just floors me.
Unfortunately, he has started using the word Snap! like it is going out of style. Apparently it means something like, right on. I will say dinner's almost ready and he responds, "Dinner? Snap!" So annoying. "Mom, turn up the radio this song is awesome. Snap!" "No school today. Snap!"
I so liked it better when he spoke like a college professor. Snap!

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Greta Adams said...

I hope you and the girls have a great scrappin time...snap!
I am so envious...SNAP!