Wednesday, March 22

Utter Randomness

*Chatterbox Finalists were announced...Some of these are incredible, it will be hard to pick a clear winner. I will post pictures of my album later this week.

*Saw this B!tch Album on Ebay and love it!

*Did my taxes all by myself....Yay me!

*The gals are coming by Friday to scrap and chat.

*Watching The Shield, season one. I wasn't liking it for the first three episodes, but it has grown on me. Plus, it is hard to watch Michael Chiklis and not think The Thing. It will have to do until the second season of Rescue Me comes out on DVD. (May)

*I am hating Dinner lately. I am so tired of making the same things week after week, but with only two of us, one of which is a picky eater, I am at a loss for new ideas. I saw that Dream Dinners and thought it would be a good idea, but there is no way I will get that kid to eat anything on their menus. I like to cook and he loves to eat at home, I'm just tired of all the same 'ol food. blah!

*Have been asked to make wedding invitations again for a family member and as much as I love to help out, it is a huge pain in the keister. I will have to make 250 this time!

*Next week is Spring Break for Max. I am getting geared up for the non-stop "I'm bored".

*Realtors are coming thru my house non-stop which is getting extremely annoying, way more than I thought.

*Indoor soccer ended last Sunday, so I think we have one week without Soccer....yay!

*Want to go to this store in Elgin, Illinois so badly and check out what they have, but I am scared I would spend way too much money. I hear it is quite large.

*In desperate need of a summer wardrobe and even if money were no object, I have no idea what a mom of my age should/could wear. I think I am having an identity crisis. The first step is probably to stop telling people I am 28.

Max has stopped his faux hawk, completely his choice. Now, he seems to be having issues with not being "different". He wanted to know if he "stood out" this morning. I had to ask why because his father and I have been trying to stress that NOT standing out is sometimes best and I thought for sure he was trying not to but wanted to be sure. He said he is worried he wasn't being different enough today and that no one would notice him. Huh?? He is hard not to notice even without crazy hair or different clothes, he is a very unique child. Apparently, one of his personal goals in life is that everyone will "know" him. According to him, he wants people to point and say, "Hey, there's Max and he is cool." I tried to explain in the 5 minutes before he left the car, that it doesn't matter what other people think, only that he likes himself.

MAX: Mom, I know I am cool, I just wanna be sure that I look good enough that everyone else knows it too. The people expect that from me.

Oh Lord! What people??? What??? Where does this come from? Never a dull moment.


Mimi said...

Lots of things going on in the Spazz Household!

Isn't it amazing how much you looked forward to Spring Break as a kid, but now it's one big headache? Ugh.

Greta Adams said...

I LOVE the shield but i got away from it after the 2nd season and really...I don't know why..i think i just forgot about it...actually i now looking back that's about the time i got so addicted to reality TV..aka trash tv...hehehe