Tuesday, March 21

Voting Day

So, yes today I will be marching my but over to the First Presbysterian Church and casting my ballot for Senator and a couple judges as well as the new pool referendum here in town. It is a big responsibility deciding whether or not to choose to raise taxes so that the kids can get a spray pool and a new water slide. But as a good citizen, I carefully review and cast my vote everytime even when I know that jury duty is inevitable because of it. The voting process really isn't that difficult, I never fear hurting anyone's feelings or that one person may go home tonight and cry. It never crosses my mind because they are politicians.

Well, I am no politician, that's for sure. And I am sure that many tears of both joy and sorrow will be shed today because only 25 people will get that call with the 208 area code from Ms. Melody Ross. That means that about 875 faces of disappointment. I don't think I invested enough into the contest to really be heartbroken about it. I admit it. It's not an excuse either. I really didn't give 100% but their are some essays I read that could bring anyone to tears. Some of these ladies not only put in a ton of time and creative energy but poured their souls into these projects. These are the ladies who deserve to win. These are the ladies who will be heartbroken if they aren't a finalist.

This is what is about....meaningful stories, touching pictures, treasured experiences.....this is what scrapbooking is. Too bad it is also about trying to share the story and not getting picked. This is the "dark side" of scrapbooking. It is also the competitive side that keeps some of us going and strive to be better. Personally, I like it. If it wasn't for the contest, I would have never even made the album, so if nothing else, I have a meaningful album. For a girl who barely has time to breathe...this is an accomplishment.

Happy MIM Day Everyone, Best of Luck to all the Talented Ladies!!

(ps blogger sucks not only because apparently I cannot post at night, but now I can't post any pictures either...I hate you blogger!!)

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Mimi said...

Enjoy voting and your entry was awesome, I know it!