Wednesday, March 8

Texas Tomorrow

That sounds like a title of a country song.
I am leavin' on a jet plane tomorrow and will be in the lovely and hot Austin, Texas tomorrow afternoon. Can't wait to get to warmer weather, the snow is finally melting here today.
Anytime I go on a trip to a new place, I usually scour the internet for information about what there is to do, see, eat....but not this time. I only looked to see if there was a scrapbook store and lucky me, there is. This may be a better method, so then there are no expectations or disappointment.
I still have almost everything to do before I leave and most importantly pack.
I am so excited to get to see my best friend, Eric. Haven't seen him since last July so I hope he regognizes me at the baggage claim area.

For anyone who is looking for the class samples of the upcoming classes, they will be here this afternoon and on my site. Don't worry, I wouldn't leave town without doing that!


Greta Adams said...

Have a great time...we will miss your posting but we will not forget you....hehehe

Mimi said...

Travel safely and enjoy the heat!