Monday, March 6

Snow is in the air

It's been snowing here since yesterday.
Barely any snow all winter and now this. Yuck!
I am happy I am blowing this joint Thursday for a bigger, warmer state.
Just not sure what the hell it is I am going to wear in 80 degree heat. I am still bundling up here with sweaters and coats. In the midwest, we don't have to start buying summer clothes until at least May, so I have nothing summer-ish. Not sure if my stuff from last year will even fit, don't think I want to know. Plus, that would require opening some boxes. Ugh!
I thought it would be about 70 there, but what do I know about Texas.

Anyone in the area with suggestions on apparell and possibly a real weather prediction for this weekend, drop me a comment.


Greta Adams said...

TX is having the same weather as us and it's hot during the day and chilly at night...

Just Me said...

where are you going to be here?!?