Friday, March 3

Planning to Fail

No one plans to fail. Or so my mom used to say.
No one except me.
I am the most pessimistic person I know. Always with the doom and gloom. It adds to the sarcasm quite nicely. I have had some pretty poor luck throughout my life and so I just always assume the worst.
It reminds me of that character on Gulliver's Travels, "We're doomed, we'll never make it out alive" Ok, so I am completely dating myself and no one probably remembers that but me. But that little Lilliput guy is me! I'm that guy in a crowd.
With my Chatterbox entry safely delivered to Idaho, I have already began the list of reasons why I won't win. It wasn't hard. What made it simpler is I got a lil peek at some of the essays and let me tell you, I don't think I went in the right direction.
So, here it is. Officially posted, so that when it happens, I can say, "Told ya so."

I'm not gonna win the MIM contest because...
  1. my essay wasn't sad enough to bring anyone to tears.
  2. I didn't spend $40 per page.
  3. my products weren't the latest and greatest.
  4. my album wasn't crazy different.
  5. I had less than 30 pages.
  6. I have never been published.
  7. no one knows who I am.
  8. my book wasn't my best work.
  9. my pictures weren't professional quality.
  10. my theme doesn't celebrate my battle with cancer, my rise from the ghetto or my dead mother.
  11. Melody Ross doesn't like me.
  12. because I was already lucky once with Chatterbox by winning that pink trunk.
  13. my copies were from Kinkos and not photo quality.
  14. I didn't include my own mother in the album. (her own fault for not letting me take pictures of her)
  15. I should have spent more time on it.

I know it is not the best attitude, but it's mine. Calls are made by Mar. 21st, it's going to be a LONG month!


Greta Adams said...

who cares if you don't win or you don't have the latest and greatest...if you like your book that is what matters...i use to worry about "keeping up with the jones's" but now i don't care if it makes me smile then that is all that matters. I am sure you work is should post some pages so we can all give you some "Spazz-Praise"..

SuburbanMom said...

Oh my goodness - well i just think that is simply amazing that you even entered it. I want to see the album!