Wednesday, March 1

It's an Illusion

I have a special child.
Special because he is mine and because he has been labeled as that since his first day of preschool.
In school, this is not a positive thing.
At home, I think it is great (most days).
He is an odd boy. Odd only because he is so different and his brain works in a way that is so unusual that I don't even understand. This makes for a seriourly insightful, smart and wickedly funny child. Always has been.

He is different to begin with, but with his latest "style" he is even MORE different than the other children. Not only has his clothing style changed but so has his hair.
We had hair appointments on Saturday. I don't really care what he does with his hair as long as he doesn't get it dyed blonde. (he wants "yellow" hair)
So, while Bret was coloring my hair, Peter cut Max's and my only requirement was squared off side burns, other than that....anything goes.
Max loves Peter. He thinks he is cool because of the way he dresses and he is young plus he has great hair. So, he gets his hair cut and it is shorter on top than usual and he is now sporting a faux-hawk.
For anyone who doesn't know what that is......A faux-hawk is like a mohawk without shaving the sides of your head, faking a mohawk look.
I didn't really care. The kid gets plenty of attention without the hair like that, I didn't think he needed anymore...but whatever.
He has worn his hair like that every day this week. I asked what kids have been saying. Apparently they just look, point and say "ah, mohawk". I was afraid that this would lead to teasing, but so far...nothing.

I went to school today to be the guest reader and voila! Another kid with his hair spiked up in a faux-hawk. I saw this kid just yesterday and his hair was not like that.
So apparently, my strange child is a trendsetter. It will be interesting to see how many kids have their hair like this by Friday.

Today, he wore two different shoes....apparently the hair wasn't enough. We'll see if this catches on too.

Max also has a love of magic, mostly "real" magic but the slide of hand is good too. So, his dad bought him a card magic set with a deck of cards and instructions. He's been practicing on me every night this week. He's getting better.

ME: Wow Max, you're getting pretty good at this.
MAX: Of course, what did you expect?
ME: I just mean, good with reading the instructions and learning.
MAX: Thanks. It's cuz I'm going to be a magician.
ME: Oh, really? What happened to being a pro soccer player, cop/artist?
MAX: I'm gonna do that too.
ME: Cool.
MAX: Yeah, my name is Zoloft.

The hardest part of my job as Max's mom is letting him be who he is and know when to go to another room and laugh.
{photos soon}

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Mimi said...

Bwahahahahahahahhaha! Congrats on the faux-hawk trend.

My almost ten year old was talking about bleaching his hair yesterday too.