Friday, March 31

Photo Montage

Well, just a few photos for your viewing pleasure: Happy Bday to my little sister, Stephanie! The inside says, "Pomme-tinis are on me!"

Cover and a few pages from the loser Chatterbox album. I know it is very simple, but there was sewing on every page and that took a while!

This is one of the cards we will be making this weekend, I am having an Open Housse. (*fingers crossed*) to try and get more business and interest in my classes. Really I could care less if I never "sold" another thing as long as I had people excited to attend the classes. Is that wrong?

That's about it for now. I took a half day today to spend time with the kid and we took a little trip to the Chuck E. Cheese. I swear that little mouse was born in the fiery pits of hell. It brings out the worst in people. There is something so alarming about little babies walking around barefoot in this place without a parent in site, that haunts me for days. And nothing makes me want to hurt people more than at this place. I so wanted to punch the dad that was monopolizing the game that produces the most tickets without even one of his children in site. I bet he went home feeling really good about that eraser he won. Moron!

Tomorrow is the Big Hair Day! That sounded like it involves Aqua Net and teasing! It is just our appts at the salon so Max can get his mohawk and I can once again get a decent hairdo. My stylist had a baby in January and has been gone for 3 months!! Nightmare! She is a master of hair and no one can make me look good except her!

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