Friday, February 24

She takes the Silver

Yes, I am comparing myself to Sasha Cohen. And no, I was not on the ice and did not pull off a triple. I did however drop that dastardly diet last night because of peer pressure.
As I said from the start, not everyone is thrilled when I take on any dietary changes and I think that if you don't even have your team's total support it is impossible. It took two whole nights of peer pressure to make me cave, but in the end....I did. I can't pass up a margarita!
I was totally pissed at my love for making me, I mean suggesting that I quit this diet but I am more mad at myself because I had made it all the way to day 4 and let myself quit.
Plus, I am now a "quitter" in my son's eyes and he is pissed about it. You would have thought he was my trainer and it was a reflection on him. He is so mad, he even brought it up this morning, "Hey quitter, want a Krispy Kreme? Might as well quitter." My response to that was, "Ok smartie britches, talk to me like that again and you will find yourself in a heap of trouble, got it?"
Why do I talk like that? Britches? Heap? Where did I get that?
He made one more reference to my quitting before getting out of the car that was followed up with another snotty comment and an atomic sigh, so someone is not playing PS2 tonight. I shouldn't hear another word about that.

Now, let's talk very briefly about Sasha. More importantly figure skating. I have been watching the olympics on and off. I really like to watch the skating. What these people do on ice truly amazes me. The only problem I have with the skating is this one particular move. I have no idea what it is called, but it is so unflattering and awkward looking, I wish they would outlaw it. I am sure that there is an extremely high degree of difficulty in it, which is why everyone was doing it last night, but come on. Note to olympic committee: Lifting your leg straight up in an open kick and skating around like that is not a good look for these little ladies! I scoured the web this morning just to find a photo of it. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you.....The spread eagle. Good lord, this does not look good!

I am working hard on my Chatterbox entry. Has to be done and overnighted on Monday. I am immersing myself in Chatterbox. It shall be my weekend lover. I was speaking to my paper yesterday, "Oh sweet Chatterbox, please be with me...Oh come on Chatterbox don't be difficult." Max thought this was insane. And then promptly offered to help me, how could I refuse. He really just wanted to push the pedal on the sewing machine, so I let him and he was happy. Ahh, the little things. My love had to comment again how ugly the paper was. That angers the Chatterbox gods...stop doing that, it doesn't help! And my response, which was shocking, "I don't care, I am doing this and I am winning, I need that money." So the comment about need for money wasn't a surprise at all, just all that confidence.

Ahh...back to my I missed that! I am being careful though and watching what I am eating and even talking about doing some sort of exercise . *gasp*
I just can't put back on the 4 pounds I did lose. I saw an old HS boyfriend on Monday at the Michaels. What are the chances of that happening? And all I could think after that was, "God, I looked like crap! I hope he doesn't go off and tell someone we knew in HS that I did." I am so vain!

*side note: I am so happy that I have someone in my life that loves me exactly as I am and wouldn't change one single thing. I am a lucky lucky girl. And I love you very very much!


Mimi said...

Bwahahahaa on the spread eagle! I'm sure it's very hard, I can't even imagine.

Portion size, and - my recommendations. Oh, and a little book called "The Calorie Queens".

Greta Adams said...

okay sista now i have to say i am mother of the year and i am writing my acceptance speech as i type but you punishing him for you quitting a diet..that just might take the award away from me....BWHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!

Greta Adams said...

oh and if you haven't tried weight watchers try it...i swear no other diet worked for me but that one..i have lost 35 and have kept it off....all those other south beach and akins and all that that will take it off sure but as soon as you get off it you are right back where you started plus 10 pounds...mimi is right it's all about portions

ok word verification: huuumm= hummmmm like i am doing a yoga routine...hehehehe