Thursday, February 23

And then there was one...

So, I have lost my partner in the hellish diet plan. She quit. Shockingly.
My mother loves to be on a diet, I think she is addicted to trying to push herself into conforming with impossible meal plans. Well, this one did not work for her, she informed me this morning she is out. Her intestinal system would not allow her to continue with that soup.
I, shockingly, am still on it. Not cheated yet. (except the one french fry I ate when Max wasn't looking last night, he is another reason I haven't cheated)

For everyone that has asked and been curious where in the fiery pits of hell this came from, well, it came from the cute lil
Amy Howe who saw it here on Jill's blog. I have been following it to the T and when you see the guidelines you will be as amazed as I am. The appeal is the 10-17 pounds in 7 days, the downside is the icky soup. Surprisingly, I am really not as hungry as I was yesterday, just as Jill promised I feel better here in day 4. And tomorrow is 10-20oz. of Beef, baby! Woo Hoo!

I am in desperate need of a new pair of shoes. Yes, momma needs a new pair of shoes! I need an everyday pair that have a slight heel. The ones I have are disgusting, I have totally worn them out. I would just wear gymmies, but I need a heel of some sort, I'm a short girl. Plus, all my pants are long. My current smelly shoes are slip-on ugly gym shoe-looking clogs. Comfy though! So, I need something like these. I looked at
Zappos but it is overwhelming and didn't see anything similar.
Plus, I need a spring jacket that is fashionable and cute. I was thinking a jean jacket, but not sure if I could pull it off, haven't worn one since 1987.

So, all you girlie girls out there that surf the web and love to shop, I know you are reading this....Please advise a not-so-girlie-girl...Where can a sista get some good duds??

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Mimi said...

Macy's is what saved me when I just went through that. Or, don't you have Marshall-Fields there?