Monday, February 20

Lightening my Load

The weekend here was a chilly one! Usually the winters are much colder, but this year has been so mild and snowless, it is really not your typical Chicago winter. It seems that people have forgotten where we live and acted as though they had never been cold before. It was the top news story Saturday night! Too funny. Yes, it was cold, get over it!
Regardless of the cold weather, the gang came over Friday night and we rumbled. I got two pages, 2 cards and a solid idea for my swap cards done.
On Saturday, Carol and I went to a couple Scrapbook Stores and a strange thing happened....I only spent $20!! I had a $50 limit which I won betting on the Superbowl, but couldn't even get close to spending that much! What is wrong with me?
We went to Windy City, which is where I dropped the $20 on Chatterbox product, decided to try for the MIM contest at the last minute. I figured I probably should because I own so much product since I won the trunk!
Then we went to check out Scrapbook Source which was recently bought out and we thought they could have possibly gotten better, but alas no. Walked out empty handed.
Then off to Stamp On In to check out the cute little Lincoln Park shoppe, but again, no bags in hand as we left.
Wow, I am amazed at my willpower!
Then we dropped into Joann's because I have a GC burning a hole in my wallet but I only bought a $1 clearance pack of MM chipboard flowers.
Either I am getting pickier or there is nothing left for me to buy.
On an even better note, I am almost done with my swap cards and that headache and pressure will be gone this week! YAY!

Also, started a new diet today.

I am a dieting kinda girl. I hate to exercise, I only do the dieting.
Some people close to me get quite pissed when I speak of my dieting plans because I am not fat, I am just heavier than I would like to be at this moment. So hate me because I just want to fit into size 4 or even 2 again. I just do. I'm shallow and I'm ok with it.
So, I was reading up about this Vegetable Soup Diet last week and shared my findings with my mother who just loves the whole trying to lose weight thing. She is really insane about it. The thing that really appeals to me about this diet is that it is healthy. And lately, I haven't really been eating very good. So if nothing else, I will be ultra healthy enriched with crazy vitamin action for one whole week.
I wouldn't have even followed thru on starting this diet today except my mother spent yesterday making a huge vat of the soup and brought me some this morning along with the required fruit, so I had to do it. This is probably the best way to diet, just get my mother on board with you!
So far, the soup is tasty, but would be better with some bread. And I know that I am going to be starving later!
Plus, no diet soda.......I just have to stay focused...I will lose 10 pounds, I will lose 10 pounds this week!


SuburbanMom said...

Ha! that's funny about the cold being on the news. Yeah, I didn't think that was news in Chicago :)

cute cartoon too :)

Mimi said...

Bwahahahahhaa, love the comic.

As you know, I've been loosing weight myself - I highly recommend the website for tracking food intake.

And, meeting your goal is a good thing, it doesn't matter what your goal is (as long as it's healthy, kwim?)

Good luck and you rock!