Friday, February 17


So, I am having the gang over tonight to do a little scrapbooking and it got me thinking this morning, what if we were a scrapbooking gang?
A real full fledged gang, jackets, secret handshake, motto....even an initiation.
What would that be?
Perhaps a timed scrappin' session with limited supplies.
Ok, you need to make a fabulous page in the next 5 minutes with a piece of newspaper, 6 Qtips, a dish sponge and this semi-dry blue highlighter. Go!
Or maybe we would jump them into the gang....she would have to go through a line of scrappers holding wads of paper scraps, swatting her at will.
The vision of the whole thing cracks me up.
I am picturing the scene from Westside Story (when your a jet, your a jet), except we are dancing with paper and punches in hand. I know, silliness. But this is how my brain works.
Speaking of gangs, my little Max is talking about forming his own club.
You see, the little darling is starting to form his own sense of style and fashion and I think it is not only adorable but I am so proud of my independent thinker! It all started because my brothers have a style all their own and have taken to molding the boy into one of their little minions.
So, it started with the shaggy hair.
Then, the Members Only jacket from the 2nd hand store.
Then, against my brother's wishes, he found Hot Topic at the mall one day and found some new fashion statements that were clearly not brother approved. He wears THIS and THIS. Oh and I almost forgot about THIS one!
I think it is cute and funny. He's ten. He thinks he is cool. And he is, just cuz he is different.
The grandparents think I am insane for letting him dress in 80s fashions with his shaggy hair and crazy accessories, but I don't care.
So, in support of his uniqueness, the "in-laws" bought him a jacket that they thought reflected his new "punk"(their words, not mine) style. It is like a black letterman jacket(from Steve and Barry's), but it has a large Black panther on the back. When he opened the present and I saw this jacket, tears welled up in my eyes trying not to laugh.
Later, that same day, the brothers came over and Max put it on so that they could have a good laugh because the in-laws were gone.
Then, he says to them, "My friends could get these same jackets because it was only $10 and we could be a club. The Black Panthers."
I swear I almost peed my pants.
A group of 10 year old white boys in the suburbs of Chicago calling themselves The Black Panthers. That is too much!
Thank god it has been too cold for him to sport his new jacket and I did have a nice discussion about who the Black Panthers are. He assured me that they wouldn't be carrying guns or wearing berets, those are stupid.
Ahhhh...good to know.


Just Me said...

scrappers water just shot out my nose...that's hilarious

Mimi said...

No beret's - that made *my* water go out my nose.

I can envision a scrapper's gang - complete with secret handshake! Bwahahahahaha.

Enjoy cropping tonight!