Wednesday, February 22

Hungry Hungry Me!

I am on day three of the I-may-never-eat-vegetable-soup-again diet. Yesterday was the hardest day yet, all veggies and that soup but I got a backed potato with butter last night. I must say that was the best baked potato I have ever had in my life! And after I ate it, I wasn't even hungry anymore.
Today should be easier, I get fruit and veggies but unfortunately no lovely potato. Oh and I have to eat the soup. I thought maybe I would start feeling good, eating all this healthy crap but I don't. I actually feel more tired and my body is not happy with all these vitamins pumping through me. My stomach is like, "What the heck, send down the bread damn it!"
I am really starting to doubt whether I can last the full 7 days on this diet and the fact that my only measure of accomplishment is if my pants are looser doesn't help. (I don't own a scale)
Plus, I am feeling weak, which is probably all in my head, but I am... I can barely type! Ok, a little exaggerated.

My Making it Meaningful entry is coming right along, but there are a couple little glitches. I have figured out the basic construction of the album but I need great chipboard and a good closure. I think it is going to have a gated front, so I need something to keep it closed (or do I?) and look good. I know 7 gypsie has these knobby things, but I don't know where to get them and what I really want is some sort of hook and latch thingy, but haven't a clue how I would even work that. Plus, I don't know if I should attach the pages onto heavy cardstock? or just put the finished pages back to back? They are going to be spiral bound so I imagine they need to be sturdy.
Now, mind you I haven't actually made a page yet, and yes it has to be at the postoffice by Tuesday, but I have sketched 12 pages to get the ideas going. Plus, I have a ton of supplies. I went through the boxes last night and pulled out everything
Chatterbox. That's a start.

Big plans to watch Monty Python on pbs tonight. They picked their favs and put them into a 2 hour special. Gotta love pbs!
Also, if you haven't checked out this guy,
Demetri Martin, you really must. He is so flippin' funny. I saw him doing stand up months ago on Letterman and thought he was great. Now, he is on the Daily Show as a contributor of the Trendspotting segments. If you want to see the latest about social networking, it is Here. (as well as his other segments) He is my internet funny lately.
Must go and eat some grapes before I faint.

*btw, my banner just *poof* disappeared one day, not sure how or why the blog gods did it, but I need a new one. It is on my to do list right under win $10,000!


Greta Adams said...

What diet are you on??? Is that healthy?? My stomach would be pissed with me as well...I would be a hungry mofo!!

Mimi said...

It kind of sounds interesting, Simone, I have to admit. Although, I'm a vegetarian, so my body has gotten used to all those vegetables.

Did you know the average craving only lasts about 15-20 minutes? Usually, if you can wait it out, you'll find you don't need it.