Wednesday, December 14

What's Gnu with You?

I think I am one of the only people in America that still remembers The Great Space Coaster. "No g-news is good g-news with Gary Gnu." Ah, love the 80s!
So much going on I can hardly think straight!

  • I am in the process of moving or what I like to call the "trying to figure out when the hell I can move" shuffle. If anyone has read about my stupid moving plight they are familiar with the crazy dude and the cheap house for rent. (story here) Well, now the house is again available...Voila! But the dude is so weird, or so I think, and I can't get a straight answer out of him to save my life! I need to move and be in before Xmas and if my calendar is correct, there are only 10 days left!! Yikes! So, I am freaking out. No seriously...FREAKING OUT!!
  • It is the Holiday Season and I am the biggest Grinch I know. I flippin' hate Christmas. I always feel like Charlie Brown bitchin' about the commercialism of the holiday and screaming, "Does anyone really know what Christmas is all about?!?!?!" So, I am freaking out and crabby.
  • I am still packing. I seriously own too much stuff. How can that be, I really don't think I have anything. Oh....that's's all TOYS. So, I am freaking out, crabby and tired.
  • Work is still crazy mad busy and my boss even asked me today, "Can you bring some files home with you today to work on?" Ummmm....NO!! I am moving you moron! Duh! So, I am freaking out, crabby, tired and overworked!
  • My little guy is flippin' out big time. The move is just too much for him, plus the holidays are always a bad time of the year. So, he is draggin' me down with his funk. And I get to add doctors appointments to my To Do list!! Yippee! So I am freaking out, crabby, tired, overworked and in a royal funk.
  • Did I mention I haven't bought a single present yet? And I only have 12 people to shop for not including the kid!
Ok....glad I got that off my chest. I am truly not a pleasant person right now and I am lucky I have a man who loves me even when I am a bitch.
On the upside, I made all my Xmas cards tonight, when I should have been packing more, in an hour and a half!! 35 cards!! I was impressed with myself! And I didn't buy anything to make them, I used what I had and what was still in an open box. Not too shabby.
I just need to keep chanting to myself, "this too shall pass....this too shall pass...I am strong enough to handle this.....I can do this....." Everything happens for a reason and if I ever figure out the reason all this shit is going on all at would be a miracle.


Collette Osuna said...

I luv ya girlie!! and you are AOK with me, Grinch or not:) Thank you somuch for wanting to send toys to the family at my work whos father just passed away..thats SUPA sweet of you:) I thank you again, I sent ya an email too!!
BTW..I REMEMBER the Great Sapce Coaster..does that mean we are old??lol

Mimi said...

So I am freaking out, crabby, tired, overworked and in a royal funk.

Hugs, dear Simone, hugs.

Just Me said...

i worship you...i wouldn't dare make 35 cards!!! and yeah...i was kind of hoping for a crown or something, but oh well ;-)~