Sunday, December 18

I'm still HERE

So, no move occurred this weekend, couldn't get the utilities changed that quickly and the most important thing is that my internet be up and running so that I can search for new porn every day. Kidding.....
But, I seriously couldn't get the phone up and working in time and without the internet, I can't do any work at home, so there was no moving of any crap this weekend. Plus, I am having a difficult time shaking this creepy feeling the dude with the house gave me on Thursday nite when I went to give him the deposit and sign the lease. Apparently, if a single woman wants new locks and a security system, she is either crazy or a man is trying to kill her. He gave me the heebie geebies before, but now with the potential of "someone" killing me, I am definitely not sleeping well and I can't imagine sleeping any better once I am living directly across the street from this dude.
Someone in my house is sleeping a ton better, thank god! After a month straight of completely restless nights and daily night terrors, the little man is some heavy duty drugs and I know many a mother will be waving their little finger in my direction with the mandatory "tsk tsk", I have to say, "Screw You!" ( a lack of sleep makes me a little cranky) Until these said women, and I have already heard from my very own mother, have slept a night in my shoes or in my case, not slept for years in my shoes......they cannot judge. I assure all of america and most especially my very own judgmental mother, these are all carefully prescribed by the head of pediatric neurology at Lutheran General Hospital and are completely necessary. So with these new miracle pills, I should be sleeping sounder but the thought of the dude and his creepy comments (oh yes, there were more) is seriously wiggin' me out.
I have bought 3 Xmas presents, all online on Friday. Whether or not they get here in time is something that only Amazon can answer. I only have about 5 more presents to buy before Saturday. Luckily, one side of the giant family is not getting together for the big exchange until the following week. Oh, and I have no clue what to get a very hard to shop for 10 year old, so figuring that out and then finding it will be a challenge all by itself.
I put up the tree today, thank god it is pre-lit! I put on about 6 ornaments, may put on a couple more tomorrow but not all of them because I don't want to have to re-pack all that stuff as well. Almost everything in the house is packed now and I have given away a ton of stuff with Freecycle! That is a wonderful thing! And I went through the closets and drawers and had two giant bags for the Drop off bin.
School is out now for two whole weeks and starting Thursday, I will be off until January 2nd!! Woo hoo! I thought it was a perfect time to move in and get unpacked, but with those pesky holidays, it is impossible to move the next two weekends. I thought it was hard enough to get friends to help, but with the cold and holidays.....I am not going to be able to get into this creepy house until after January 1st.
So, until then, it is box city for me and I am actually starting to get used to it. I am thinking that some of these things that have been in boxes this long, should maybe stay in those boxes and move on to a better the Salvation Army! Good riddance to Great Rubbish!

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Mimi said...

Ok, you know what, dear - if he gives you the creeps, GET OUT NOW. I'd far rather you be too cautious than not cautious enough.