Thursday, December 8

Oh Balls!!

I said balls. (hehehe) Like a ten year old boy, I too gigle everytime I hear that word. From what I hear, it is a little annoying from a 30 something mom, but still funny to me nonetheless.
I had to post these balls (hehehe) to show my good buddy Carol that I actually made something! I had seem those Basic Grey ornament kits and thought to myself, "Those are cool, but I am NOT paying $5 for a kit." Then I saw this post on 2peas about the BG ornaments and loved them even more! But, lucky for me, those smart little peas also posted where the directions to make them on your own was online. So I had an ingenious plot: Take the bagillion scraps I have, sort them by vendor and punch my own circles. That way, if I do this every year, I could have a cute little Scrappy Tree with my very own Scrappy ornaments! Clever, eh?

I thought so. Until I read the instructions and thought....Hmmmm, equilateral triangle, eh?!?!? I know my 10th grade geometry should have come back to me, but it didn't. So, I asked I reliable source, "How do you find the equilateral triangle of this circle?"
I didn't like the answer.
"Oh, just mark off every 120 degrees and those are your points."
Rrrrrriiiiiigggghhhhhttt.....degrees you say.
I am one of those people that always thinks....How hard can it be? I bet I can do that myself, I don't need no stinkin' kit! And then, to make matters worse, I brag about it.
Oh, the trouble I get into.
So, I made the triangle as best I could and the balls (hehehe) as best I could. They aren't
perfect. They aren't necessarily round even. But they are pretty cute and if people look at them from a far, they would think so too.
And I am so jealous of Cynthia's balls...........they are so much prettier than mine! (hehehe)
So, go ahead Carol, ask me if I made them yet, cuz' I did!
PS. Still no Xmas cards made and I should be packing for the move next week, but this is so much more fun!


Mimi said...

They look great, what an awesome idea.

I always say "balls" with a Beavis "heh, heh" afterwards too!

Just Me said...

too funny...and yes...i laughed at your 'balls' did so much better than i would have girl!!