Tuesday, December 6

Scrappy Resolutions for 2006

Every year I make resolutions with myself and, like many people, rarely follow through. The unfortunate part is that the only person that I am held accountable to is myself. I rarely declare out loud over Christmas dinner, "Attention family, next year I plan on exercising and actually organizing myself." If I did that, someone may call me on it. Perhaps at the pool in July, "So, how's that exercising going this year." This would leave me speechless or in a predicament to use my lying talents.
In order to avoid this and perhaps actually make some sort of attempt at reaching my goals in the new year, I am proclaiming these Scrap Happy Goals for 2006. Check back with me in June and see how these are coming.

  1. MORE PAGES. Come on! Of course, being in boxes for 5 months has not helped this situation, but in previous years, I was scrapping like 200 or more pages. Not so much any more. So, in order to hold myself accountable, the goal number is 100. That is approximately 8-9 pages a month.
  2. GET PUBLISHED. This was secretly my goal this year, but only sending in 5 pages is just not going to cut it! I can't even remember the last time I even checked the Scrap-Source website for page calls. Seriously, that is a serious lack of motivation.
  3. ORGANIZE MY PHOTOS. I really need to organize the photos on my computer. I have Picasa, which makes it simpler, but they are still not where they should be. Plus, there is at least two boxes of photos still in there original envelopes, not labeled just thrown into a box somewhere. These are the things that haunt me in the night!
  4. BACK UP MY COMPTER. This goes along with the photo problem. Luckily most of my photos are already on cds, but some are not. Plus, I have so many business files and ideas on my computer and haven't backed up in months. Great, now I probably jinxed myself!
  5. LEARN MORE DIGI SCRAPPING. This goal includes working more with Photoshop. Of all my previous 2005 goals, this is one of the only ones I actually did. I can actually do a couple things now, which is a couple more than 2004.
  6. BUY LESS. I am going to make it goal to buy what I need. That is a hard one!! I just love paper.
  7. STAY ORGANIZED. This one may be the most difficult. I lack some domestic skills as it is and with the scraps, they are just everywhere. Most days, it looks like a hurricane hit my scraproom. It would be good to find a "system" and stick to it as well as I can.
  8. LEARN HOW TO USE MY CAMERA. I have a film Canon Rebel (I know everyone has digital now) and I have no idea how to use any manual settings. This is a problem. My pictures are good, but they could be great!

These are the preliminary goals, I am sure over the next few weeks I will come up with a few more. Plus, I have the whole list of non-scrappy goals which will not be spoken out loud.

Here in print, on the web, outloud for everyone to hear.....I may actually do a few of these!


Mimi said...

Wonderful goals! I should share several of them (says she who hasn't put photos in the 30 something dollar box she bought from the last CM party she went to)

Collette Osuna said...

Im sure I could mistake your post as MINE....ALL of these goals sound SOOO good ot me right now!!! Im so happy that you are at least thinking about them...muchbetter than me:(.....Ill be here to remind you of them:)...lol....hey, I have the digi Rebel now, but I also have the film version too...I got it last year and never really fiddled around with it much, but Im sure the manual setting have to be almost simliar??? Im no expert, but I have come along way....let me know what youre trying to shoot, and Id be happy to try to help ya out:)